Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crush CRUNCH a Bunch

Often, I would like to find myself liking someone, or being attractive to someone but I don't. Instead, I find myself hanging out with friends and talking about whom they are crushing, sexing or texting. However, when I do find myself in flame of a crush, I make this whole new world of butterflies in my stomach which gives me a distinctive giggle.

I laugh at myself and so do my close friends, when they hear me talk with such excitement of how my new clover touched my hand or called me pretty, How he flirted, how he dressed and how he spoke, how he got on my nerves how he ignored me or how he annoyed me.
and then I change the words to puppy love.... because I know this new whim is just temporary and when it comes by I appreciate every feeling of it .. because there is usually absence and void and even though the other side of the bread might be just plain, in my head I make it more dramatically and poetic.

Because simply I'm JUST A ROMANTICIST... AND simply is never that SERIOUS.


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