Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your Not Special :-)

The reason I decided to kind of blog about friendship. Is because I know this young man name " NICK CARRRTEER"; who makes me smile. Yesterday, I found myself crying in my room for about an hour; so dramatic;lol

Then I decided to visit tall, black, skinny Nick and he surprised me with a Lunchable, 100%Grape Juice, chips and a yogurt :0). He told me it was my lunch for my first day of work.... Even though I thought it was so facetious of him -I hope he knows I really appreciate the thought....
I get goosebumps because I don't know how to describe how happy I am that there is someone in my life that can always make me feel special in the smallest way....


The picture above is Nick and Greg; lol changing the subject because everyone knows smooches things make me say EHHH NEXT.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Existential Aloneness

One of the deepest mysteries of life is that every individual in the world stands alone … every person.
I live my life alone and I can never be united with anyone. I live in a separate world from others; the world of my own thoughts, fantasies, whims.
It is my consciousness , Unity with the Life Force, Unity with Intelligence, and Unity with all substance that is my only basis for security and my hope for fulfillment in life.

Without this consciousness, I can falter and might fail at every turning of life.

"In every mind there is a world you haven't meant".......
Welcome to my mind, my inner chamber.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fallen Rose Petal

Incomparable beauty Drowning in thoughts
The anguish of grief
Awaiting to be rescue
Sitting in dirt,tearing down
Colors diverging to white
With a sad melody Its mention,
at the end of each breath,
she is devastated not to be faded.
To be continue....

Monday, November 2, 2009

My First Halloweenii

Thanks to Alyssa, I finally got dressed

It deserves a handshake and a hug. Oh' yeah, I am so glad I was introduced to it.
Halloween welcome to my world.
Where people show their creative side and others show their erotic features.
Where some show their true colors and others just simply look like creatures.
I'm looking forward to dressing up for Halloween for the next coming up years; was Halloween that amusing? You BET it was or maybe it was just whom I celebrated with... Who cares I had a blast.

Laughing, Prancing, Embracing,Osculating,
Hang overs, Rushing,Money spending
Texting,Shoving, Pushing and waiting
Post, Flick, Snap & Post
chuckling , Smiles & Smiles of chuckling,
Pure Sweet life better than pure sweet candy .
Costumes, Hootch's, and a bunch of more fun
Thursday, Friday & Saturday

A signature of an undying Memory

The End.